Electronic Signatures State By State

The current waters are still a little murky in relation to the use of electronic signatures. According to white papers released by CoreLogic on the use of DocuSign, an electronic signatures software product, electronic signatures are legal in most Australian Jurisdictions.

Rundl, powered by progressive law firm LawLab, already have clients transacting with electronic signatures across many of the Australian Jurisdictions.

Others, however, including many of the REI Form products have been more cautious in the implementation of electronic signatures as technology and best practice advice moves further into alignment.

The theme of the round up is that the economies and efficiencies of electronic signing are broadly winning the day with most moving towards electronic signing rather than away from it.

The development of the electronic signing practice for real estate agents will continue to evolve as regulators, peak bodies, tech companies, media and consumers become more adoptive and adaptive to the process. In the meantime, we can use the capabilities that are available and becoming available, while our industry bodies can encourage Government to embrace the practice and everyone can spectate the development of the law as test cases assist us to define the future of electronic signing. Read More Here