Who should pay for marketing your home?

Owners, when looking for an
agent to represent them for the sale of their property often will say that they
have spoken to an agent that has told them that they will pay for all the
advertising costs. Should you hire that agent to help them sell your home?
There is a reason that some
agents will pay for advertising and most probably do it for a cheap commission.
They are desperate and need the business. If they are doing these tactics means
that they must not get repeat business, or referrals and are not really skilled
in negotiation.

Imagine what they will do to
the price on your home, if they do not or cannot negotiate their own fees and
charges, you will never get the best price from an agent like this

Remember the minute you sign
on with an agent that is going to pay for the marketing, you become a liability
to them. They still have to pay the costs of the marketing, whether you sell or
not. They will be out to get any price for your property. Not the price that
you want or need. In the long run saving a couple of grand on marketing could
really cost you tens of thousands of dollars.